Released March 2016

Data, set, flow.

Analyze data and share findings faster, with Tableau 9.3. Now you can use Union to combine data, even when its spread across multiple tabs or files. Then dig into the details with more global maps data, including postal codes for 42 European countries, India districts, and updated US demographic data layers.

In Tableau 9.3, we continue to add support for cutting edge cloud data sources. Now you can connect to Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse.

Automatic sign-in and better publishing flow make it easier to share your findings. Find popular dashboards with helpful workbook stats and smarter search for Tableau Online or Tableau Server. And don’t worry if a new dashboard doesn’t work as expected, Revision History is here! Revert back to an older version in seconds.

Tableau for Mac

Self-Service at Scale

Empower your organization with new tools for content discovery, governance, and management. Search now shows you the most popular workbooks and views first. You can also find popular workbooks and views by seeing how many views they have received, with content metrics.

Changes didn’t work out like you planned? Don’t worry! Just download the old version and keep going with Workbook Revision History for Tableau Server.

Tableau Story Points


It’s easier to publish, keep your data fresh, and stay connected with the new Publish Data Source flow.

Publish your Tableau dashboards faster with Tableau 9.3. Tableau Desktop remembers your Tableau Online or Tableau Server connection and signs you in to the last server you used.

Tableau new map designs


Getting started with your data should be fast, no matter where it lives or how it looks. Combine data that have been split across multiple files or tables into a single Tableau data source. You can also connect directly to Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, with our new connector.

data visualization window

Fast and Easy

The little things matter. We listen to your feedback to make Tableau a more delightful experience. We’ve added postal codes for 39 European countries, districts in India, and US demographic data layers for 2016. We’ve also updated postal codes for UK, France, Germany, and the US.

Tableau now automatically selects the best season length to help you forecast odd seasonal patterns and irregular time-series. You can also forecast values ordered by an integer dimension.