Tableau Analytics Extensions API…BYOM (Bring Your Own Model)

In many organizations the most prominent barriers in adopting and operationalizing machine learning models is the lack of platform which can make complex ML models available in a way that every person in the organization , specially non-technical members, can interact with the models and understand them.
One of the core scenarios for Tableau Analytics Extensions API is the integration of any ML models into Tableau visualizations. Dynamic integrations of machine learning models with the familiar and intuitive visualization of Tableau demystifies the complexity of ML models and accelerates the adoption and trust in ML-driven decision.
The Analytics Extensions API can be used to extend Tableau calculations to dynamically include popular data science programming languages and external tools and platforms. The Analytics Extensions API is based on the Python integration for Tableau, TabPy, which allows users to call Python functions directly from Tableau. The API that was used originally for TabPy has been expanded to make it more generalizable to any external analytics engine.
In this session we will present a step-by-step use case on how to bring your own ML model to Tableau and make it available to everyone in the organization to easily interact with the model, understand how it works, run different scenarios and make real time decision with it.
Session Speaker: Amir Meimand

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