So you wanna go to TC22? Copy. Paste. Approved.

Need a little help making the business case for Tableau Conference? Just copy, paste, and lightly customize the highlighted sections before sharing with your manager. We hope to see you at TC22!

Subject line: Professional development request: Tableau Conference

Email body:
Dear NAME,

I’m requesting approval to attend an upcoming professional development opportunity: Tableau Conference, May 17–19, 2022 in Las Vegas. Attending in person will help me increase my knowledge and apply those lessons learned within our organization. I’m especially interested in building relationships with Tableau’s global data community. At Tableau Conference (TC), I’ll have many opportunities to learn from other data-minded experts, including:

  • Tableau best practices
  • Hands-on training with deep dives into building dashboards and new Tableau features and functionality
  • Breakout sessions focused on industry and role-based topics presented by Tableau employees, experts, and other customers—a great way to learn how others tackled similar data challenges
  • Building connections in Data Village and beyond with data enthusiasts from around the world so we can continue learning from each other even after the conference ends

Most importantly, what I learn at TC will impact how I approach my work. Attending will help me with these projects in particular:

  • [add project or initiative here + brief description of how TC can positively impact that work]
  • [add project or initiative here + brief description of how TC can positively impact that work]

I’ll also share a summary of major takeaways, best practices, and recommendations with the team to optimize our use of Tableau and help support our data-driven goals. And my skill building won’t end with the event: I can revisit topics with on-demand session recordings and take advantage of Tableau training and certification discounts for TC22 attendees.

Here's a rough breakdown of the conference costs:

  • Airfare: $XXX
  • Round-trip transportation between airport and hotel: $50
  • Hotel: apprx $215 - $330 per night including a reduced resort fee & taxes 
               (when reserved in the conference room block)
  • Full conference registration fee: $1900
  • Total: $X,XXX

I appreciate your consideration and look forward to your reply!