TC22: Financial Services

Watch financial services sessions from Tableau Conference 2022, on demand, and take your data skills to the next level.

Assurance IQ Case Study: Unlocking More Business Value with Starburst and Tableau

Shen Wang
Join this session to learn how Assurance, an online distribution platform for insurance and financial products, was able to improve conversion rates, reduce costs, and enable robust modeling with Starburst and Tableau.

Discover Financial Services: Good Problems to Have: How Our CoE Supported a Rapidly Growing User Base

Ashley Dierkes
Sara Bonefas
From the first dashboard to now, Discover’s Center of Enablement (CoE) has evolved with the changing needs of its rapidly growing Tableau community. Learn how Discover's community grew from zero to over 10,000 active users, the CoE challenges they overcame, and their plans to continue growing further. Get a closer look at how Discover scaled its platform around data and the best practices they’ve implemented.

Swiss Life: Analytics in Insurance: How a Data-Driven Strategy Protects Information, Enhances Trust, and Builds a Community

Emmanuel Dubois
Nathalie Agnes
Kristee Bingham
Founded over 160 years ago and a leading provider of life and pensions and financial solutions in Europe, Swiss Life has placed data at the center of its business. Tune in to discover how this notable financial institution strategically deployed analytics across the organization while keeping a lens on privacy and trust, established a data-driven culture, and created a beloved community to share ideas and leading practices.
Session presented in French language with English subtitles.

American Family Insurance: Reimagining Business Intelligence Through Embedded Analytics

Derek Alsup
Susan Malack
What are the benefits of developing a secure user portal that displays embedded Tableau dashboards in a dynamic way with near-real-time reporting on key metrics and performance? Discover how American Family Insurance did just this, providing their exclusive agents and corporate employees across geographies and departments with personalized views, a single source of truth, and data-driven insights that continue to transform their business.

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