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Best Practices for Using Tableau and Snowflake Together

David Spezia
Join this session to learn best practices for optimizing Tableau with Snowflake. We’ll cover how to use the scale of Snowflake to meet your peak analytical demands through Tableau. Understand how to leverage features in Snowflake like Time-Travel, Multi-Cluster Warehouse, Custom SQL and UDF Functions. Learn how to use Tableau to optimize your Snowflake backend to make both platforms perform at their peak while delivering world class self-service analytics to your internal and external customers.

CRM Analytics: The Intelligent CRM Experience

Behzad Richey
Avni Wadhwa
Edward Mengel
Make analytics a superpower for every user in your organization. Learn how to integrate reusable analytics components, industry specific templates, and unified user experiences with CRM Analytics.

Make Tableau Work for You with the Tableau Developer Platform

Nicolas Brisoux
Takashi Binns
Tableau gives you the SDKs and APIs you need to build and customize for your organization. Discover how you can extend, embed, integrate, and automate Tableau for every use case.

Boulder Valley School District: Using Data to Respond to a Crisis

Clare Sims
The past two years have required school districts to “pivot” in many ways, including when it comes to data. Hear how Boulder Valley School District has adjusted to new data visualization needs (pandemic-related and not), and how the combination of a data-driven culture and Tableau helps them adapt quickly and effectively.

Unlock the Potential Inside Your Data Lake with Tableau and Databricks

Franco Patano
Brian Dirking
Companies store more data in data lakes than data warehouses, including streaming data. See how you can unlock that data with Tableau and Databricks for analytics, data science and machine learning.

Assurance IQ Case Study: Unlocking More Business Value with Starburst and Tableau

Shen Wang
Join this session to learn how Assurance, an online distribution platform for insurance and financial products, was able to improve conversion rates, reduce costs, and enable robust modeling with Starburst and Tableau.

STANLEY Healthcare: Facilitating CRM Analytics Sales Adoption

Stephen Mascola
Jamie Moss
From completely manual sales reporting to near-real-time access to sales goal attainment, learn how STANLEY Healthcare underwent a total reporting transformation. This session will speak to how successful adoption of new processes and systems helped the sales and finance teams revolutionize their reporting.

Bring the Wow Factor with Tableau Public Portfolios

Autumn Battani
Priyanka Dobhal
A compelling Tableau Public portfolio can help you stand out, showcase your data expertise, and even get hired. Get the tools to effectively use Tableau Public templates and build a Tableau Public portfolio with serious "wow" factor.

Discover Financial Services: Good Problems to Have: How Our CoE Supported a Rapidly Growing User Base

Ashley Dierkes
Sara Bonefas
From the first dashboard to now, Discover’s Center of Enablement (CoE) has evolved with the changing needs of its rapidly growing Tableau community. Learn how Discover's community grew from zero to over 10,000 active users, the CoE challenges they overcame, and their plans to continue growing further. Get a closer look at how Discover scaled its platform around data and the best practices they’ve implemented.

Con o sin chimichurri? Strike the Right with Balance Design and Cognitive Load

Diego Parker
Pablo Gomez
El equilibrio es esencial en toda obra maestra. Aprende a dominar las técnicas que te permitirán balancear diseños elaborados y diseños minimalistas para crear tableros extraordinarios e interactivos.
Balance is an artform. Learn how to master the balance between elaborate and minimalistic design approaches while creating impactful yet interactive dashboards.
Session presented in Spanish language with English subtitles.

Build Accessible Dashboards

Emily Kund
Help everyone see and understand their data. Learn how to build accessible dashboards using the Chartability method.

Spotlight on Tableau Exchange: Built for Customers, Powered by Partners

David Lou
Blake Johnston
Greg Kinney
Take a deeper look at the Tableau Exchange —built for customers and powered by partners. See what's new with Extensions, Connectors, and Accelerators, and learn how a Tableau Partner has used the Exchange to grow their business.

The University of Texas at Austin: Explore the Intersection of Data and Democracy Within Higher Education

Shiva Jaganathan
The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) is home to a diverse population of 51,000 students and more than 24,000 faculty and staff. It’s also home to The Office of Institutional Reporting, Research and Information Systems (IRRIS), a central point of contact for official campus statistics. As one of the largest public research universities in the country, IRRIS serves as a major repository for information on students, faculty, courses, Texas Legislature insights and more! Explore how collaborations between researchers and scholars enhance decision-making and deliver an interactive Spotlight on Data.

Live: Analytics on the Big Stuff: Starburst Gives Tableau “Any Size, Anywhere Powers”

Russell Christopher
Need to query, join, or federate data from multiple sources without copying or moving it into an extract? Slow queries on the lake got you down? Learn how Starburst gives Tableau query-anywhere superpowers.

No-Code AI, ML, and Advanced Analytics That Empower Analysts

Melody Zapotoczny
Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in Tableau can help you make smarter, faster, and more confident decisions. We'll demonstrate no-code capabilities, like what-if scenario planning, guided model building, and more.

Aible: Augmented Analytics That Delivers Business Impact in 30 Days. Guaranteed.

Arijit Sengupta
Only 20% of organizational data is valuable. Aible Sense automatically tells you which data is worth analyzing and how. Explore enables collaborative open world exploration of data. See why only Aible guarantees business impact in 30 days.

Harmonize, Visualize, and Automate Your Data Across Tableau and Salesforce

John Demby
Juhan Song
Discover how to harmonize all your Tableau and Salesforce data with native connectors and a new generation of data management. You'll also learn how to integrate a unified analytics studio with Tableau and infuse intelligence and automation across your business.


Will Sutton
Kimly Scott
Ateken Abla
Katie Kilroy
Zak Geis
Ruy Aguilar
Brandi Beals
With so many ways to get involved with the Tableau Community, how's a data lover to know which is best for YOU? DataFam members dish on all of the ways to engage with the world's best data community.

From Data to Dashboard: Key Features for Analytical Success

Aaron Frein
Get an introduction to the most powerful analytical capabilities in Tableau, from the Tableau Data Model to the new Workbook Optimizer capabilities.

Duke Health: How to Build Effective Dashboards

Katie Capaldi
Claire Howell
IT excellence is no longer a commodity—it's a strategic differentiator. Many people can build pretty dashboards, but how do you ensure they will actually be adopted and drive enterprise-wide enablement? And how do you determine the larger impact? Join Claire Howell (MMCi) and Katie Capaldi from Duke Cancer Institute to learn why rooting your Data Culture in your mission makes all the difference.

Tableau Speed Tips (Advanced)

Lorna Brown
Ann Jackson
Get a new round of Tableau tips, delivered with unmatched speed and energy! These must-know shortcuts and how-to's will help intermediate to advanced Tableau users take their skills to the next level and get the most out of Tableau.

Grow Sales with Revenue Intelligence

Susan Emerson
Nithya Lakshmanan
Thanmayi Rachapudi
Grow faster with data-driven selling. Learn how your revenue-driving teams - in any industry - can harness data and AI to address pipeline gaps, drive forecast accuracy, and redefine sales strategies.

Analytics Everywhere—for Everyone—with Tableau for Business Users

Sepideh Hashtroodi
Jonathan Hansing
Katie Hughes
The value of data and analytics relies on enabling better decisions across your entire company. Join us to learn about Tableau’s new consumption experiences built specifically for your business users.

Data. Set. Go! Jumpstart Your Data Career

Alice McKnight
Prasann Prem
Ausrine Rimeikyte
Ashley Koen
Ready to supercharge your career path? Listen as Tableau Community members discuss their data careers and lessons learned along the way. You'll leave with insights to help you successfully advance your data career.

From Data to Dashboard: Key Features for Analytical Success

Aaron Frein
Get an introduction to the most powerful analytical capabilities in Tableau, from the Tableau Data Model to the new Workbook Optimizer capabilities.

Texas Rangers: Meet Them Where They Work: Bringing Data and Analytics to Players and Coaches

Randall Pulfer
There's a lot of data in baseball, but how it’s used is what gives teams a competitive edge. Hear how the Texas Rangers use Tableau and Slack to provide data and analytics to players and coaches, both on and off the field, to inform in-game strategy and player development.

Make Every App an Analytical App with Tableau Embedded Analytics

Gordon Rose
Brian Reynolds
Embedded Analytics in Tableau turn any application into an analytical app. Come learn why you should add analytics to your apps, the benefits of using Tableau as your analytics provider, and how to get started.

Indeed: Accessible Dashboard Design: How to Reduce Barriers and Enable Interaction

Paul Cho
Cassie Lebauer
Accessibility is a right. When creating and managing dashboards, what should you consider to ensure the needs of your audience are met? Hear from design and accessibility experts on how to create functional and consumable dashboards.

Live: Tableau Accelerators: Jumpstart Analytics with the Best Business Dashboards

Nicolas Oury
John Demby
David Lou
Tableau Accelerators give you instant access to ready-to-use dashboards for any use case. Come see how you can combine your own data with expert-built dashboards to get a jumpstart on analytics.

Adopt Enterprise Analytics—Faster—with Tableau Cloud

Scott Smith
Sheng Zhou
Learn how to accelerate digital transformation with the newest enterprise capabilities in Tableau Cloud.

日本発!Tabjoによるクイックで簡単な実用tipsをご紹介!Quick and Easy Tips by Japan’s Tableau Data Heroines

Tomoko Wakamatsu
Chiaki Ishida
Kayoko Yamashita
日本コミュニティーのデータ ヒロイン たちから、今日から使える簡単なTableau DesktopのTipsを学びましょう!
Join Tabjo, a women-led Japanese Tableau User Group (TUG), for simple, practical Tableau tips and tricks you can start using immediately.
Session presented in Japanese language with English subtitles.

Viral Vizzing

Wendy Shijia Wang
Adedamola Ladipo
What does it take to build a viral viz? Hear from the Tableau Public authors behind some of your favorite Viz of the Day dashboards on their design approach and process. The next viral viz just might be yours.

Montgomery County: Dashboarding Is Storytelling, Building Narratives Through Data and Design

Nidhi Singh
Sarah Dickinson
Designing a dashboard is telling a story. The choices you make—color, font, and hierarchy—impact how your audience perceives and understands the compilation of data. Learn how to use effective design principles intentionally to craft a clear and compelling narrative.

Insight Global: Accelerate Your Data Culture with a Center of Excellence

Kaitlin Pisani
Data Cultures require buy-in. Learn how to create and lead a Center of Excellence that brings decision-makers together, shares a centralized vision, drives efficiencies, and unifies your organization.

American Family Insurance: Reimagining Business Intelligence Through Embedded Analytics

Derek Alsup
Susan Malack
What are the benefits of developing a secure user portal that displays embedded Tableau dashboards in a dynamic way with near-real-time reporting on key metrics and performance? Discover how American Family Insurance did just this, providing their exclusive agents and corporate employees across geographies and departments with personalized views, a single source of truth, and data-driven insights that continue to transform their business.

NI's Analytics Journey: Increasing Revenue Operations Accessibility to Clear and Actionable Insights

Monica Obermier
Thanmayi Rachapudi
Miriam Lainez
Tableau has been at the center of National Instrument's journey to become a data-driven company. Learn how NI used best practices from its Analytics Center of Excellence, partnership with IT, and a governance framework to design and deploy a hybrid analytics ecosystem with Server and CRM in direct support of its selling motions.

U.S. Navy Expeditionary Warfare Center: Hunting for Humvees, a Data Fabric Journey at EXWC

Hannah Corso
Antwan Gibson
Managing data across disparate, and sometimes contradicting, authoritative systems can be like herding cats. Instead of waiting years for an enterprise data management system to tackle this challenge, NAVFAC EXWC utilized Tableau to identify meaningful data relationships and integrate information across existing systems, creating immediate visibility of 40,000+ U.S. Navy expeditionary assets.

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