Start from scratch. Build something useful. Do it quickly.

These are the guiding principles behind the 3-Minute Win Challenge, which we're opening up to customers and partners this week.

The goal is to start with an empty Tableau workbook (although you can have data already loaded in) and build a useful dashboard in three minutes or less. Email a link to your finished video to and we'll feature it on our 3-Minute Win blog. We'll highlight some of our favorites on our social media channels.

What can you build in three minutes or less?

Read on for additional details.

Anyone who builds data dashboards in Tableau is invited to submit a 3-minute win video to be featured on the 3-minute win website and added to the 3-Minute Win YouTube playlist. If your video complies with the rules, we’ll post it. We’re happy to include a link to your company or your personal blog along with the video.

What are the rules?

  • The video must be no more than 3 minutes long.
  • Your dashboard must start with an empty canvas. However, your data can already be loaded in.
  • No fast-forwarding or jump cuts in the video. This is real-time or bust.
  • In 3 minutes or less, build a useful data dashboard from scratch.

How do I tell you about it?

Email with a link to your video on YouTube, Vimeo or another video service, or tweet us a link using #3minwin.

If you want us to link to a particular website when we post your video, please send an email with those details.


Can I submit more than one video?
Yes, absolutely! Do as many as you want! (It gets addicting.)

Is there a deadline?
There's no deadline, although we may (wink wink) be sending out some prizes to the very best submissions in early January, so if you want to be in the running for one of those prizes, we recommend you send in your submission by the end of the year.

Where can I see examples?
We've already got a bunch up on the site!


This is an awesome idea. Great way to showcase what Tableau can do and how quickly it can do it. :)

Is the internet allergic to the word addictive? Since when has addicting been a word you would want to use?

great idea, already a big fan

Great idea and a big fan of Tableau!!

Having watched a few Tableau 3-minute wins, I'd like to make a few comments (should take less than 3 minutes to read):

1. This is a terrible idea.
2. It promotes the misconception that exceptional vizzes can be created in 3 minutes
3. I strongly doubt that any of these vizzes were made from scratch in 3 minutes
4. It doesn't account for the fact that the data needed to be first explored
5. It doesn't account for the fact that the art direction was (probably) worked out over many minutes (hours?) ahead of time
6. It doesn't account for the fact that you really can't create these exceptional vizzes in 3 minutes.

Therefore it is all a basic lie. Yes Tableau can be fast. Yes data exploration can be done more quickly in Tableau than most other software. This is why we use Tableau. But thoughtful use of Tableau should be promoted, over a pre-planned video-game style use of the software -- in my opinion.

Thinking, not speed, is the basis of good analysis.


I know, I'm just a party-pooper. FYI: Joshua Milligan did the best one I watched.

I agree with most of the points Shawn wrote, but I think the 3min win idea should stick around. Even though I've used Tableau for years, what I find most valuable is how other users have different "muscle memory" when using Tableau and these nuggets are what you won't find in manuals. There's always that "aha, that was clever" and it sticks with you. Plus 3 min is probably all I have in my attention-deficit day.

I thought it was kinda cool, but agree with Shawn. Tableau requires data work ahead of time unless it is nice and setup just right. Other data viz tools do not have that strict requirement. Additionally, some of these really do require a ton of thought to squeeze them into 3 minutes. I truly hope companies considering buying Tableau don't see these and actually think "wow that is so easy and look at how much is done in 3 minutes" when it might have taken hours to plan it all out ~!

I agree with Laura about the cool idea and trying to see, all else being equal, what can be done with Tableau. I also agree with Shawn on creating a misconception about anything can be done in 3 Minutes. Typically, analysts spend about 60-70% of their time getting the data ready (clean, complete, etc.) and they have to have some domain knowledge. I think having all that ready (data, domain knowledge, tool knowledge), I still think we can accomplish a lot using Tableau than other tools. My 2 cents..