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Some of the most innovative companies in the world use HPE Vertica to store and access enormous amounts of data. Tableau connects live to Vertica, delivering speed-of-thought visual analysis across the business—without the need to move data or replicate data structures. With drag-and-drop simplicity, individuals throughout your organization can point Tableau at Vertica and get actionable answers. They can also share them just as easily—no coding required—through reports and interactive dashboards. Empowering users frees IT to focus on optimizing infrastructure instead of managing day-to-day reporting.

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Vertica and Tableau can be used together to help companies harness their power and flexibility to visualize trends and behaviors with industry leading performance,flexibility, and scale. The power of this joint solutions lies within the capability to deliver advanced, complex analytics to all users on any device, driving the democratization of data and analytics everywhere. Learn more

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The HPE Vertica QuickStart for Tableau is a sample BI application consisting of a Tableau workbook powered by HPE Vertica. The sample uses the visual capabilities of Tableau to showcase the execution of analytic queries against the Vertica VMart example database.

The QuickStart requires a Vertica database server with the VMart example database, a Vertica client with ODBC, and Tableau Desktop 9.0. Installation and setup instructions are included in the download package and posted on the HPE Developer Community.

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