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Tableau Server 9.3.3

Recomendamos usar la versión de mantenimiento más reciente de este producto, 9.3.24, que contiene correcciones adicionales de errores.

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Mar, 14 Junio, 2016

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Notas de la versión de Tableau 9.3.3 Nota: A los clientes de Tableau Desktop en entornos con la funcionalidad Actualizaciones de producto habilitada se les solicitará que completen la actualización unos días después de que la versión de mantenimiento esté disponible. Para obtener más información, consulte la base de conocimientos de Tableau.

Problemas resueltos

ID del problema Descripción

In Tableau Server, the workgroup_session_id was being logged to the production.log file. Now the first 32 characters of the workgroup_session_id SHA-256 value are logged instead.


In some cases in Tableau Server, views based on file-based data sources would not display new data after you modified the underlying file-based data source.


In some cases, incrementally refreshing a Salesforce extract would remove some or all data from the extract.


In some cases in Tableau Server, tooltips would prematurely disappear when clicking on a header and trying to use the tooltip command buttons.


Creating or refreshing an extract based on a published data source, and with visible dimensions aggregated, would fail with an error: "StarExtractTupleSource has wrong number of bindings for number of inputs columns".


Trying to access a workbook or data source on Tableau Server containing the string "login" in its URL would result in an error: "SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK".


After a scheduled or manual extract refresh for a workbook or data source, testing the associated data connection in Tableau Server would fail.


In Tableau Server, with workbook revision history enabled, exporting a site using tabcmd would fail with an error: "The file cannot be deleted in this code path, failing delete".


In some cases, running multiple highlight actions on a dashboard exhibited different behavior between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.


Importing users into Tableau Server from a file did not recognize domain nicknames and the import would fail.


In certain cases in Tableau Server, clicking the command buttons in a tooltip (e.g., Keep Only, Exclude) would result in an error: "tuple id cannot be resolved".


In some cases, incrementally refreshing a Salesforce extract would cause excessively slow Data Engine queries resulting in workbooks appearing to fail to load.


When viewing a Tableau Server embedded view, with "Show sheets as tabs" enabled, filter selection drop down menus would sometimes appear out of position in the browser window.


In Tableau Server or Tableau Online, editing a Salesforce connection would show "No Salesforce authentication" selected even if the workbook or data source was published with embedded password. This was mainly a display problem as extract refreshes were still successful.


When embedding a Tableau Server view using the :tabs=no URL parameter, the view toolbar would not show in the browser.


In Tableau Server, it was possible to execute an extract refresh task for a workbook or data source in a site other than the one you were signed in to.


In some cases, scheduled extract refreshes in Tableau Server would frequently fail with a "Cleaned up crashed job" message in the Background Tasks for Extract admin view.


In Tableau Server, navigating between workbooks in different sites, via URL action, would intermittently fail to display workbook content and display an error instead: "The page could not be accessed. Either the workbook does not exist or you do not have the necessary permissions".


In Tableau Server, scheduled extract refreshes would intermittently fail with a logic assert error.

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