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Recomendamos usar la versión de mantenimiento más reciente de este producto, 9.2.25, que contiene correcciones adicionales de errores.

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Mié, 27 Enero, 2016

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Notas de la versión de Tableau 9.2.3 Esta versión soluciona un problema de Tableau Server 9.2.2 (9200.16.0114.0856) en algunos entornos configurados para usar Active Directory. Una modificación del vínculo de los usuarios de Active Directory (de samAccountName a UPN) provoca que se eliminen los usuarios existentes de los grupos y que los usuarios nuevos se agreguen según el UPN al sincronizar los grupos de Active Directory. Como consecuencia, se muestran usuarios duplicados o los usuarios no pueden iniciar sesión en Tableau Server. En el Portal del cliente y el sitio de descargas alternativo, hay disponible una nueva versión de Tableau Server 9.2.3 (9200.16.0125.1945).

Problemas resueltos

ID del problema Descripción

In Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, changing stored procedure parameters via workbook parameters resulted in an error: "No such table."


In Tableau Server, embedded views didn't load if the view belonged to a site name containing only numbers.


In Tableau Server, you could add multiple user or group rules without clicking "Save" which caused permissions to be applied incorrectly.


In Tableau Server, Teradata extracts could not be refreshed if the data connection contained a <ServerUser> or <ServerUserFull> query band parameter.


In Tableau Server, if you published a workbook using the Prompt User data source authentication mode, accessing the published workbook via trusted authentication resulted in a "Resource Not Found" error.


In a published workbook on Tableau Server, a legend sometimes included no specified title or body font, and resulted in an error: "undefined is not an object (evaluation '')."


In Tableau Server, improperly URL encoded special characters caused certain URL actions to fail.


In some cases in Tableau Server, when you tried to create a new project, an error occurred and the project wasn't created.


In Tableau Server, searching for Active Directory groups sometimes timed out or was very slow.


In Tableau Server, using the "tabadmin reset" command to reinstate an administrator account did not correctly free up licenses.


In Tableau Server 9.1 or higher, importing a site from Tableau Server 8.x failed.


In Tableau Server, the view sometimes did not update with the correct selection when you searched for and then selected a value in a Multiple Values (dropdown) filter.


After upgrading from Tableau Server 9.0 to 9.1 or higher, some dashboards presented an error when loaded: "Cannot read property 'w' of null."


In Tableau Server 9.1 or higher, using a highlight action in a workbook published from Tableau Server 8.2 resulted in an error.


When Tableau Server was configured to use SAML with Active Directory Federation Services, users could not correctly log out.


In Tableau Server, in a workbook connected to a published Cloudera Impala data source that did not use the default schema, using a relative date filter or the "NOW()" function in a calculated field resulted in an invalid table name error.


In Tableau Server, extract files were sometimes missing after restoring a backup.


In Tableau Server, selecting a mark with a filter action configured to take you to another dashboard resulted in an error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined."


In Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, and Tableau Server, incremental extract refreshes via command line or the Tableau Online Sync Client were incorrectly run as full extract refreshes.


In Tableau Server, workbooks using published blended data sources sometimes did not load.


In Tableau Server, authenticating to a data source using a very long password (greater than 120 characters) failed.


In Tableau Server, using a color legend to filter a view resulted in an error: "Uncaught TypeError: e.get_blockType is not a function."


In Tableau Server, a change to the Active Directory user binding (from samAccountName to UPN) caused existing users to be removed from groups and new users to be added based on UPN when synchronizing Active Directory groups. This resulted in duplicate users and/or users not being able to sign into Tableau Server.


Tableau Server installed in a Japanese localized environment did not send email alerts.


In Tableau Server, clicking "Done" in web authoring resulted in an error message instead of redirecting back to the Views page.


In Tableau Server, when configuring Tableau Server to use SAML, the exported metadata XML file was missing the SingleLogoutService element.


Exporting a Tableau Server site using the "tabadmin exportsite" command sometimes resulted in a "commit failed" error.


In Tableau Server, custom shapes and images on dashboards appeared blurry in browsers after publishing.

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