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Tableau Server 9.0.8

Recomendamos usar la versión de mantenimiento más reciente de este producto, 9.0.25, que contiene correcciones adicionales de errores.

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Jue, 12 Noviembre, 2015

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Problemas resueltos

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Loading dashboards with certain layouts in Tableau Server would result in an invalid JSON error.


When users viewed the "Data Sources" tab for a workbook, all data sources would show a date and time under the "Live/Last Extract" column, even if some of the data sources were live connections. This would occur if the workbook contained multiple data sources and at least one of the data sources was using an extract.


In Tableau Server, sometimes the data engine sent frequent UP/DOWN alerts when it was under a heavy load.


In Tableau Server, when you attempted to customize the server name with Unicode characters, the resulting name was "???".


Certain Tableau Server admin views did not work correctly in Windows Internet Explorer 8.


The Tableau Server search index did not rebuild correctly for sheets with captions that containing a large amount of text.


In Tableau Server, workbooks with extracts that were created in previous versions of the product failed to load correctly.


In Tableau Server, attempting to export a workbook that contained story points to PDF sometimes failed to produce a PDF.


In Tableau Server, hovering over certain dashboard axes resulted in a TypeError or null reference error.


Accessing Tableau Server via a Share View URL, without guest access enabled, resulted in a blank page.

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