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Tableau Server 10.1.5

Recomendamos usar la versión de mantenimiento más reciente de este producto, 10.1.25, que contiene correcciones adicionales de errores.

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Mié, 15 Febrero, 2017

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Nota: A los clientes de Tableau Desktop en entornos con la funcionalidad Actualizaciones de producto habilitada se les solicitará que completen la actualización unos días después de que la versión de mantenimiento esté disponible. Para obtener más información, consulte la base de conocimientos de Tableau.

Resolved Issues

ID del problema Descripción

In scenarios where visualizations are refreshed on a very frequent interval (e.g. every minute), VizQL Server processes could rapidly consume large amounts of memory.


Intermittent "LogicException" internal errors would occur when viewing published workbooks.


Custom sign in logos would revert to the default Tableau logo when you embedded a view in an iframe.


Long site names could sometimes be truncated in the "Select a Site" menu after signing into Tableau Server.


In workbooks published with prompt user authentication, creating a custom view in Tableau Server and then switching back to the original view would result in an unexpected error.


When web authoring a workbook connected to a published ODBC data source, you could not add an aggregated measure to the view.


When you ran the "tabadmin backup -v" command repeatedly and frequently (e.g. once every hour), a "duplicate key value violates unique constraint" error would occur intermittently and the backup would fail.


In some cases, Data Server and Data Engine processes would frequently be down and cause views to fail to load. A server restart was typically required to bring the processes back up.


In some cases, mark labels would appear cut off when viewing your published workbook in a browser.


The Stats for Space Usage administrative view did not handle multiple sites correctly and would fail to load when you clicked the "Go to {user}" actions in tooltips.


The My Content and My Account Settings pages failed to load if your username contained special characters.


In environments where outbound traffic requires proxy authentication, attempting to register Tableau Server would cause the process to crash.


Tooltips would often show data from previous story points when navigating between story points in Tableau Server.


In certain environments, restoring a Tableau Server backup would fail with an error: "Exception during sos data restore: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: MALFORMED"

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