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Tableau Desktop 9.0.7

Recomendamos usar la versión de mantenimiento más reciente de este producto, 9.0.25, que contiene correcciones adicionales de errores.

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Jue, 15 Octubre, 2015

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Problemas resueltos

ID del problema Descripción

Cloudera Impala returned the following error message when filtering on groups: "IN and/or EXISTS subquery predicates are not supported in binary predicates".


When using an SAP HANA data source, a formula that contained the DATETRUNC function returned an incorrect quarter for dates in March, June, September, and December.


When opening a workbook in Tableau Desktop, providing incorrect data source credentials sometimes locked out the data source user account.


On the Mac, exporting a large crosstab to Microsoft Excel sometimes produced a corrupt file.


When using a Microsoft SQL Server data source, converting a date field to a string in a calculation added time stamps to the date.


On certain devices with accessibility tools (such as on-screen keyboards), changing the selection in the Calculated Field dialog box Function Category drop-down menu causeed Tableau Desktop to close unexpectedly.


When you edited a connection to Hortonworks Hive, the connection page sometimes did not correctly populate the "HTTP Path" field.


Interacting with multiple parameters sometimes resulted in an unexpected error.


The "tableau -p" command printed only the active sheet, instead of the whole workbook.


Page Setup settings were not preserved when switching tabs.


Tableau Desktop could not connect to Tableau Online when behind certain authenticated proxies.

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