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Tableau Desktop 9.0.5

Recomendamos usar la versión de mantenimiento más reciente de este producto, 9.0.25, que contiene correcciones adicionales de errores.

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Lun, 24 Agosto, 2015

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Problemas resueltos

ID del problema Descripción

Creating a percentage-sampled extract from an Amazon Redshift data source produced the following error message, "Top [n] percent is not supported".


After you removed a dashboard filter from the underlying sheet, closed, and then reopened the workbook, the filter controls sometimes rendered incorrectly.


When you changed an existing data connection, if there were multiple Tableau Server data sources with the same name, the list did not show all the data sources.


When a view with table calculations was exported to crosstab, unexpected rows sometimes appeared in the result.


An error occurred when you saved a workbook with a sheet title that included the following two characters "< >" .


The "Include" and "Exclude" expressions were interpreted as "Fixed" if no dimensions were listed.


In Tableau Desktop, when you opened a saved workbook that contained table calculations on a secondary data source, certain settings were erased, resulting in an invalid calculation.


When opening a published workbook, the Owner column showed the Tableau Server user name, instead of the full Display Name.


Connecting to a Postgres data source failed if the password provided contained certain special characters.


When refreshing an extract against a Microsoft Access data source, the .mdb file sometimes remained locked for editing, even after the refresh had completed.


Appending CSV file data to an extract sometimes produced an error like the following: "Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: SimpleDatabase::SelectMetadataName: expected found=1, actual found=0 (fk=18446744073709551615 name="Cache" nameTable="SCHEMAS")."


Tableau Desktop for Mac failed to switch the data source authentication method to Kerberos when the user cleared the user name from a SQL Server connection.


When you worked in a published data source that was connected to calculationview in SAP HANA, an invalid syntax error occurred.

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