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Tableau Desktop 8.3.8

Recomendamos usar la versión de mantenimiento más reciente de este producto, 8.3.20, que contiene correcciones adicionales de errores.

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Mar, 21 Julio, 2015

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Problemas resueltos

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Giving a new group the same name as an existing field caused the "Create Group" dialog box to close.


When a story point was sorted on a column that was not used in other sheets, the workbook was corrupted.


HTTP authentication was not available on Hive and Impala data sources.


When you filtered on a field that wasn't displayed in the view, search in a Wildcard Match quick filter was case sensitive, which it shouldn't have been.


Sometimes when you blended data from a cube and another data source, an error occurred when you selected the View Data or Export Data commands.


On a Vectorwise connection, sometimes when you cleared a single value from a multiple-value quick filter, other values were removed as well.

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