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Tableau Desktop 10.2.4

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 10.2.24, which contains additional fixes.

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Jue, 03 Agosto, 2017

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Resolved Issues

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At smaller display resolutions, the publish workbook dialog could be cut off and you would not be able to click the Publish button.


In some cases, when Hebrew text was used in a parameter and the parameter values were displayed in a dashboard, the word Parameter would be displayed instead of the parameter value.


Extracts on Tableau Server with hidden columns could sometimes be unhidden during an extract refresh.


The Sort by Field option was not available when you were connected to Apache Drill.


When attempting to connect to Spark SQL, an internal error would sometimes occur.


In some cases, previously working connections to SAP HANA began failing with a Communication with the Tableau Protocol Server process was lost. error after upgrading to Tableau 10.2 or higher.


When connected to Presto, using a calculated field containing Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters would sometimes result in an error: There must be two or more concatenation arguments.


An internal error would sometimes occur when the Force y-intercept to zero trend line option was used.


A typically benign error, Failed to load proxy credentials: 'The parameter is incorrect.' showed up excessively in log files, making troubleshooting difficult.


Tableau Desktop for Mac would sometimes quit unexpectedly when publishing a data source to Tableau Online.


Aggregated boolean calculations would return False for totals even when only True records existed and the aggregate form was also True.


When you extracted a data source with string fields containing nulls, and converted to an integer, the nulls would be changed to zeros.


When connected to Microsoft Analysis Services, if you had a dimension in the view with a Top N condition applied and then attempted to add a named set as a context filter, an internal error would occur.


When connected to Oracle Essbase, changing a filter applied to selected worksheets would result in an internal error in some cases.


When copying aggregated decimal values (with 5 or more decimal places) from Tableau Desktop to Excel, the pasted value would sometimes have incorrect decimal placement.


Performing a union of Excel sheets could sometimes result in incorrect measure values.


Connecting to a local cube file (.cub) would fail inconsistently with various errors.

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