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Notas de la versión de Tableau 8.3.7

Fecha de la versión:
23 Jun, 2015
Número de versión de compilación de Tableau Desktop:
Número de versión de compilación de Tableau Server:
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Issue ID

Aggregate filters were not showing updated results when you removed dimensions from a view.


On Windows, when Tableau Desktop stores credentials for accessing Tableau Server through a proxy, the proxy credentials are stored in trusted storage.


When you connected to Tableau Server and remained on the published data sources page until the connection timed out, Tableau Desktop could stop responding and multiple "Tableau Server user not found" errors appeared in Event Viewer.

Tableau Server (Back to top)
Issue ID

Removing permissions from a dashboard didn't stop subscriptions from sending.


When you used the tabcmd export command and the command timed out, the Vizqlserver process would not release the memory or CPU it was using. As a workaround, you could end the vizqlserver.exe process in Task Manager and let the process restart automatically


Tableau Server users who connected to a Google BigQuery data source got an "HTTP bad request exception" error when access tokens expired and the limit on refresh tokens was exceeded.


Labels on treemaps in views published to Tableau Server sometimes were incorrectly displayed. Some labels were incorrectly compressed.


When you switched between custom views using a parameter control, the view reloaded but the data in the view did not.


When connected to a Microsoft Analysis Services database, removing values from a multiple-value custom list sometimes didn't update the view.

This version is available from the Customer Account Center.

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