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Cross-Channel Intelligence: Impacting Retail Results

Identify top transaction channels and most effective demand generation sources to boost profits.

During the session, you to hear insights from peers and leaders in the retail industry that can directly improve bottom-line results.

We'll address cover quick solutions to common retail business questions, including:

  • Do you know which transaction channel has the highest contribution?
  • What is your most effective demand generation source?
  • Are e-commerce sales impacting comparative store sales?

Obtaining answers to these and other cross-channel questions can allow you to take action for immediate positive impact. We will explore why retailers should be looking at information across channels, which reports and metrics are most revealing, how to go about assembling them quickly, and what to do with the insight.

About the speakers

Anil Chitkara

SVP, Sales & Marketing - OCO

Al Bessin

Partner Lenser Consulting - Lenser

Dennis Hernreich

CFO/COO - Casual Male Retail Group

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