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Visual Analytics: Translating Business Questions into Calculations

In this session on Business Driven Calculations, you will learn how to perform some common calculations we often see from our customers to help answer questions and highlight data when we are...

60 minutos
Visual Analytics: Guided Analytics

You have learnt about actions and interactivity, but how do you truly implement a guided analytics approach where performance and user experience live in perfect harmony to provide best-in-class...

44 minutos
Visual Analytics: Best Practices, Sharing & Collaboration

Seeing and understanding data is richer than creating a collection of queries, dashboards, and workbooks. You will see how visual and cognitive science explain what makes data visualisation so...

59 minutos
My Tableau Story with Visionary "Tableau Tim" Ngwena

The My Tableau Story series showcases the evolving and inspiring experiences of Tableau Community leaders. This episode features Tableau Visionary, Tableau Tim Ngwena. Referred to by some as the "...

47 minutos
My Tableau Story with Visionary Mark Wu

The My Tableau Story series showcases the evolving and inspiring experiences of Tableau Community leaders. This episode features Tableau Visionary and Server expert, Mark Wu, and is especially...

52 minutos
Integrate and Differentiate with Embedded Analytics

What if you could increase your product’s engagement and improve customer satisfaction by integrating rich content, data, and analytics directly into your product? With Embedded Analytics, put...

51 minutos
Small Business, Big Insights: How to Drive Better Business Outcomes with Tableau

Join Tableau and our trusted partner XeoMatrix for a show & tell about how to get more out of your Tableau investment. Learn how XeoMatrix and Tableau can jumpstart your development and help...

57 minutos
Design Your Data Fabric for a Successful Data Culture

Data fabric architecture is a set of technologies working together to deliver a trusted data foundation. Join guest Forrester and Tableau for insights into data fabric designs and how they have...

46 minutos
Tableau Cloud for Enterprises - A dialogue session with blibli.com and Visidata

Tableau Cloud is a fast, flexible, easy-to-use self-service platform designed to fit your enterprise architecture. It streamlines the power of data to make people faster and more confident...

18 minutos
Jumpstart analytics with Tableau Accelerator

Tableau Accelerators are pre-built dashboards designed to help you get a jumpstart on data analysis. Tailored to specific industries and enterprise applications, Accelerators are built with sample...

15 minutos