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  • Financial Services
Analyzing asset and portfolio performance

How do asset managers monitor performance, counterparty risk and market risk? How do financial advisors optimize performance for their clients and drive a larger share of wallet? Join us as we...

57 minutos
  • Financial Services
Evaluating credit risk and financial exposure

Understanding credit risk and its impact on reserves and write-offs is fundamental yet challenging to manage. Join us as we share how to use Tableau to analyze exposure by risk characteristics,...

61 minutos
  • All - Industries
  • Communications, Media & Technology
Scaling Self-Service Analytics at Cox Enterprises

Cox Enterprises is a leading communications, media and automotive services company. With revenues exceeding $20 billion and approximately 60,000 employees, the company's major national brands...

55 minutos
  • All - Industries
Scaling Self-Service Analytics at Marketo

Marketo creates powerful marketing automation software that helps people master the art and science of digital marketing to engage customers and prospects. Their customers are some of the best-...

48 minutos
  • Healthcare
  • Healthcare Providers
Envision Home Care Services: Delivering Value with the Balanced Scorecard

At Evolution Health, the challenge was to create comprehensive key performance indicator (KPI) executive dashboards to enable right time decisions. See how Evolution Health solved this problem by...

51 minutos
  • All - Industries
Scaling Self-Service Sales Analytics at Electronic Arts (EA)

A global interactive entertainment leader, Electronic Arts delivers games, content, and online services for Internet-connected consoles, personal computers, mobile phones, and tablets.


45 minutos
  • Financial Services
Preventing fraud and financial crimes

Detecting potential fraudulent activities within your organization can be challenging. Whether you are monitoring bank account activities, examining insurance claims, or investigating suspicious...

63 minutos
  • All - Industries
Exploring the TC17 Experience with Dustin Smith

Whether you’re a Tableau newbie or the Jedi of All Things Data, we’re offering something for everyone.

In this quick 30-minute webinar, Tableau’s own Dustin Smith, will walk you through a...

28 minutos
  • All - Industries
The Top 7 Reasons to Attend TC17 with Elissa Fink

Whether you’re a Tableau newbie or the Jedi of All Things Data, we’re offering something for everyone.

In this quick 30-minute webinar, Tableau’s own Chief Marketing Operator, Elissa Fink,...

30 minutos
  • All - Industries
Using Data Visualization to Inform and Inspire

When communicating with audiences, we need to present data in a way that gives them an accurate understanding of our topic, but often we also need to motivate them to do something with the...

62 minutos