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  • Government
How the Chicago Police Department Improved Public Safety with Data Analytics

Law enforcement departments have always relied on data to keep the public safe and informed.

For the Chicago Police Department (CPD), they're leveraging data analytics to deploy resources...

56 minutos
  • All - Industries
Data Viz Debate: Which is the best decade for data viz - 1910s or 2010s?

Watch Round 2 of the Data Viz Debate as Andy Cotgreave and Andy Kirk discuss what they believe to be the golden age of data viz discourse and development.

You'll learn how to approach data...

10 minutos
  • All - Industries
Data Viz Debate: Is the bar chart race more than just a gimmick?

Watch Round 1 of the Data Viz Debate as Andy Cotgreave and Andy Kirk share opposing views on the role of the bar chart race in visualising time.

You'll learn how to visualise time using...

9 minutos
  • All - Industries
Analytics as a service - How to offer data analytics to your customer

How can you give the power of visual analytics to your customers so they can better understand their own data? By embedding Tableau into your product or application.

Join this on-demand...

44 minutos
  • All - Industries
Excel og Tableau: Sådan transformerer du dine regneark til interaktive dashboards

Excel er fantastisk til at håndtere data med. Men hvis du vil have brugbar indsigt ud af dine data, kan Excel ikke klare det på egen hånd. Her kommer visuel analyse ind i billedet. Deltag i dette...

44 minutos
  • Healthcare
Master your Data with Tableau Prep

Join us for our first Tableau Healthcare Show of 2020 all about Tableau Prep. Customers are adopting Tableau Prep at an incredible rate and the product is evolving rapidly with monthly releases....

60 minutos
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Retail & Wholesale
How Ovative uses data visualization to make instant predictions to drive retail sales

The amount of data we have access to continues to grow exponentially, and it can be an overwhelming process to figure out what to do with it. Claire and Rachel from the digital marketing and...

42 minutos
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Retail & Wholesale
How Blue Bunny increased their sales footprint in a deal-driven retail market

Customer expectations for discounts continue to grow in retail's hyper-competitive landscape, which poses a complex challenge for retailers and their suppliers. During this session, Revenue...

38 minutos
  • Healthcare
  • Healthcare Providers
City of Hope, Data Culture Mindset - Saving Lives and Solving Real-World Health Issues

As healthcare continues to evolve, understanding data has become increasingly critical to being able to make timely, informed decisions. At City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, we replaced...

53 minutos
  • Other
Tableau Data Management in Action

The Tableau Data Management Add-On enables the consistent delivery of data across your organization, no matter its size or complexity. From data preparation to cataloging, search and governance,...