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  • All - Industries
The Power of Embedded Analytics

As we saw in our introductory webinar, embedded analytics is a powerful tool that you can leverage in many different ways. Nevertheless, you are now most likely wondering what is the best way -...

21 minutos
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
Increase Agility and Mitigate Disruptions in your Supply Chain with Actionable Store Level Insights

The Retail industry is in uncharted waters. Unprecedented supply chain issues and increasing distribution costs can exert negative pressures on revenue, sink profits, or force companies to adopt...

50 minutos
  • All - Industries
Sports, Women & Data: Reviving Your (Team) Spirit

Let’s face it, the New Year, while a fresh start, has also been tough. Women wear so much weight on their shoulders, especially now ━ and one’s personal well-being, mental health, and spirit are...

44 minutos
  • All - Industries
Behind the Viz: Meet the Data Rock Stars Who Built the Team USA Dashboards

Tableau’s very own solution engineers partnered with our cross functional team to bring to life ten amazing visualizations in celebration of Team USA at the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. From...

47 minutos
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
How Financial Services Can Maximise Customer Loyalty by Offering Insights-as-a-Service

Want to see how your financial services firm can maximise customer loyalty by offering insights-as-a-service via an analytics solution embedded directly into your app, product, or web portal?...

9 minutos
  • All - Industries
Show Me the Data in Food

Get to know Tableau with delicious data!

Food is full of data, so let’s dig in to see what juicy insights we can uncover. Using visual analytics to feed our curiosity in some exciting...

42 minutos
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
The Digital Front Door Series – Part 1 – “Inside the Front Door” – Virtual Care Analysis Use Case

For many provider organizations the digital front door represents a unique opportunity to interact with and serve the patient community before healthcare services are ever provided. The actively...

50 minutos
  • Government
Advancing Data Literacy in the Public Sector

As demand for data-informed decision-making increases, more government agencies are leveraging data analytics to prepare for the digital future. Yet one of the largest barriers to scaling...

46 minutos
  • All - Industries
Data Management in Action

Building Trust and Improving Visibility in your Data Assets

Introducing Tableau’s Add-on solution for Data Management, designed to help our customers accelerate the adoption of self-...

36 minutos
  • All - Industries
Governance for Self-Service Analytics at Scale

Are you confident that your organisation’s data is trusted, governed and ready to drive decisions? More than ever, people are collaborating with data, breaking down data silos across the...

44 minutos