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From Viewer to Explorer | Unlock New Answers with Tableau

Your site is populated with data. So start flexing your data muscles and find views and data sources that interest you.

Watch this webinar to discover the opportunities of becoming a Tableau Explorer. See how you can unlock hidden opportunities and actionable insights, start data-driven conversations with colleagues and share the insights you've found.

Join Will and Laura to learn about:

  • Explain Data a new AI-powered feature to help you understand the “why” behind unexpected values in your data.
  • Ask Data lets you ask questions in natural language and generates a Tableau workbook
  • Edit and interact with content so you can drill down, filter and comment on views.
  • Add data sources to existing workbooks for greater insights.
  • Create new workbooks using published data sources.

Acerca de los oradores


Laura Granek

Product Consultant - Tableau

Laura is a product consultant and data enthusiast at Tableau based in our London office. As a technical expert she helps people and organisations see and understand their data with Tableau.


Will Chapman

Partner Sales Manager

Will is a Partner Sales Manager for Tableau based in our London office. He works closely with Tableau's partner organisations across the UK to achieve our mission of helping people and organisations see and understand their data.

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