Tableau Prep for Newbies Workshop

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New to Tableau Prep Builder? Did you just download a trial or have been given a license by your employer? Connecting to your data for the first time? Want to know how to begin? This is the session for you.

Learn how to connect to, clean, and transform your data so that it is ready for you to create amazing visualizations and share your insights with others.

Our presenters will walk you through the features and functions of Tableau Prep Builder as you follow along with interactive exercises. You’ll come away with a solid foundation and feel comfortable with prepping your own data as you go forward on your Tableau journey!


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Brianna Newman

Senior Solution Engineer, Tableau

Brianna is a Senior Solution Engineer that has been with Tableau since 2019. She has spent her career tackling diverse data problems from the tactful art of data collection, to researching human perception and behavior for digital interface design, and working with customers across the globe to foster robust data cultures. While she has worked on both the technical and sales sides of the business, she has found her niche in Solution Engineering as a perfect blend of the two. She specializes in Tableau Prep because of her extensive knowledge of survey data and the "quirks" it introduces to data cleaning.