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How to Choose the Best Visualisation for You

Watch this webinar to learn which visualisations can best answer your analytical questions, including...

  • Why some visualisations are better at answering specific questions
  • How to visualise and present data for the needs of your audience

There are plenty of ways to visualise your data in Tableau. Depending on the type of data you have and who your audience is, some charts and graphs can better answer your questions.

In this webinar, our Tableau Visionaries will discuss how to choose the visualisations that can best convey your insights in the easiest way possible for your audience to understand.

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About the speakers


Chris Love

Tableau Zen Master, The Information Lab

Chris has an extensive background in data analysis spanning 10 years; initially working in SAS and SQL he was asked to evaluate an early version of Alteryx 8 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Empowered by this new technology, and with an advantage over his peers who were using more traditional tools, he quickly developed a reputation from problem solving and, in his Consultant role at a Global Information Services provider, he helped build out many complex data solutions across a range of industries. As a Development Team Lead, managing three groups of data analysts all using Alteryx, his technical knowledge and training skills were called upon daily as he led the team from the front, advising on innovative approaches to drive down development costs.

The pinnacle of his career so far came at Alteryx’s Inspire Conference in 2013 where, pitted against nine other Alteryx super-users, he competed in his first Alteryx “Grand-Prix”. Despite some stiff competition Chris raced through three business problems, against the clock, and totaled the best time overall to become the first Grand Prix winner outside the USA. Chris is also an Alteryx Ace and Tableau Zen Master.

With Alteryx adding Tableau to it’s growing list of Technology Partners, Chris quickly recognised that they were the perfect combination and quickly set about adding Tableau to his skill set. Tableau allowed his creativity to shine and meant he no longer had to compromise when showing off the results of his analysis.

Chris is a passionate photographer and has sold his work internationally, as well as having displayed in exhibitions and competitions. He has a passion for the outdoors and his love of wildlife and nature complements his photography perfectly.


Rob Radburn

Tableau Zen Master, Leicestershire County Council

As part of Rob's day to day, he provides information to support council workers in areas as diverse as crime and community safety, economics, demography, and around both children and adult issues, for almost a million residents.

Rob has led the Research and Insight Team to deploy Tableau to enhance its analysts’ ability to explore, compare and communicate council performance data faster, to better serve local residents with the front-line services that matter to their neighbourhoods.

Outside of the day job, Rob is part of the Midlands TUG and one of the founders of the Leicester Viz Club (although we shouldn't be talking about Viz Club, what with that being the first and second rule).

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