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Go Faster, Get Better Business Intelligence

Today’s business and analytic users place high value on timeliness. Reaching decisions quickly--at the speed of thought--depends on two factors: the response speed of the data exploration tooling and the delivery speed of data into the exploration environment. Modern tools deliver these features through in-memory operation on locally stored data and direct access to operational data respectively. The result is faster turn-around time of decisions based on more timely information.

In the past, such speed has often been delivered at the expense of data consistency through data marts, while enterprise data warehouse efforts emphasized information quality and completeness as a prerequisite to BI. The reality today is that both speed and consistency are mandatory for business success.

In this webinar, Dr. Barry Devlin discusses the agile tools and techniques that together enable speedier BI decision making, based on consistent information, and offers some tips for delivering faster analytics and better BI.

About the speaker


Dr. Barry Delvin

Founder and Principal, 9sight Consulting

Dr. Barry Devlin, founder and principal of 9sight Consulting, is also a founder of the data warehousing industry and among the foremost authorities worldwide on business intelligence (BI) and beyond. He is a widely respected consultant, lecturer and author of Data Warehouse: From Architecture to Implementation. Barry has 30 years of experience in the IT industry and provides strategic consulting and thought-leadership to buyers and vendors of BI solutions.