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Explain Data - From what to why

Tableau's Explain Data automatically provides AI-driven explanations for the value of a data point with a single click. Based on advanced statistical models, explanations are relevant and integrated, saving analysts’ time and enabling them to uncover insights they may not have found otherwise. From there, you can explore insights further with the full power of Tableau.

Watch this webinar to see how Tableau’s new Explain Data feature can make your life easier! Check out other sessions from Salesforce World Tour Reimagined:

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About the speaker


James Rowntree

Lead Solution Engineer

James loves data. With 30 years experience in Analytics, he thinks his role as a sales engineer with Tableau – helping people see and understand their data - is the most fun you can get paid to have. A keen surfer and hiker, with more dogs than is sensible, James is hoping to one day beat anyone in the team at table tennis or pool.

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