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Thought Leaders Panel: Promoting Data Literacy – The Responsibility of the Few or Many?

Most organizations have now recognized the value of data for solving problems and improving processes. However, many still have not yet defined a clear strategy to enable the broader organization to leverage that data in meaningful ways. A common challenge has been finding the right model to balance the seemingly conflicting goals of governance and self-service. Traditional models which advocate for consistency and security elect a small group of specialists who have the requisite skills to access, prepare, and interpret data for the rest of the organization. More modern approaches, on the other hand, attempt to democratize data through training, self-service tools, and the freedom to explore data with few restrictions. This panel will explore how different definitions of data literacy shape an organization’s data and analytics strategy. Moderator: Jonah Kim Product Marketing - Asia Pacific, Tableau Panelists: Feng-Yuan Liu Director, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Division, Government Technology Agency (GovTech) Sean Brophy Regional Vice President - Public Sector, Tableau Zhongwen Huang Director, Digital Planning Lab, Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Yee Mun Choy Assistant Director, Knowledge & Advocacy, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)

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