Want to learn how to present and communicate data in an effective new way? Want to learn more about Tableau? Then this is for you.

During the seminar we will go through the basics of visualization and display Tableau 8.2. We conclude with mingling, snacks and thorough discussions.

Best Practice Visualization
How to effectively present, communicate and analyze their information? A picture is worth a thousand numbers. The ability to present and analyze information using pictures and diagrams are essential if your message gets through.

In this part of the seminar, we will review the basics of visualization, ie how to convey information more efficiently with the help of charts and graphs. The seminar is on a general level and not linked to any specific software. Practical tips interspersed with examples and theory gives you a range of new insights for you to use in your daily work.

Tableau 8.2
Tableau is one of the most talked about tools of decision right now. At the top of Gartner's BI quadrant, and the fastest growth in Sweden in 2014, it is a tool to count on going forward. Intuitive, visual and easy Tableau offers a quick and innovative way to analyze your business.

Tableau can retrieve data from many different sources, and helps to create clear presentations. Tableau showcases the entire product suite, as well as going through the news in the latest version 8.2.

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