Teaching with Tableau or interested in learning more about how to incorporate Tableau in your class? This is a workshop for beginning to intermediate Tableau users. You'll hear from students and educators about teaching and using Tableau in the classroom in this two-part workshop. We'll cover visual analytics theory and working with Tableau Desktop to create data visualizations. Talk shop with fellow educators over drinks at the Tableau for Teaching Meet-Up immediately following the workshop in the 2nd Floor North Galleria.

This session will be held in room 2 A&B within the Washington State Convention Center.

Teaching Tableau: A Theoretical Perspective
3:30-4:00: Registration
4:00-4:15: Introduction and Academic Programs Overview - Jason Schumacher, Tableau Software
4:15-4:30: Why Teach Tableau? One Student's Perspective - Andrew Kritzer, LinkedIn
4:30-4:45: An Introduction to Visual Analytics - Jeff Pettiross, Tableau Software
4:45-5:00: Storytelling & Using Tableau in the Classroom - Robert Kosara, Tableau Software

Teaching Tableau: Hands-On With Tableau
5:00-6:15: Hands on with an exclusive data set - work in small groups to debate data set, effective ways to present the data, and the veracity of specific charts. Tableau team members will be on-hand to offer guidance and answer questions.

Tableau for Teaching Meet-Up
6:15-7:15: Join your fellow educators over small bites and drinks in the 2nd Floor North Galleria!

This is an exclusive event, please register early before space runs out!

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