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Session Title:
Calculations & Data Blending in Tableau

Session Abstract
Calculations: I have all the data I need – but to answer my key question I need to calculate something. This session will show you how to create Calculated Fields in Tableau. This is not limited to just calc’s with numbers! A few examples … What is the difference between 2 dates? What is the first 3 letters of the Error Code? Is this metric above our KPI threshold?

Data Blending: I have data from 2 different, disconnected sources … how can I build a visualization with information from both? Can I layer on my Excel information onto the data I’m accessing from a database, another Excel sheet, or even an application (e.g. Salesforce)? This session will cover how you can finally connect those 2 sets of data – no vlookups, no exports!

Speaker Details:
Dylan Lockman is a Sales Consultant at Tableau. He has a passion for problem solving and inspiring others to dig deeper into their data. Dylan came to Tableau from Oracle where he specialized in business intelligence and supply chain applications. In his spare time, Dylan enjoys photography and relies heavily on Lightroom to keep all his images (& metadata) organized. He is originally from Boston but now lives in San Francisco.

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