Investigative Reporters & Editors welcome the best in the business to gather for more than 150 panels, hands-on classes and special presentations about covering business, public safety, government, health care, education, the military, the environment and other key beats.

Speakers will share strategies for locating documents and gaining access to public records, finding the best stories and managing investigations. Join the discussion about how to practice investigative journalism in print, broadcast, Web and alternative newsroom models.

Tableau Public is a free tool for journalists. Laptops will be provided in each session. This is a free training, however you must be registered for the CAR Conference to attend this class. Limited seats are available.

Interactive data graphics in Tableau Public
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Learn how to create beautiful, interactive data visualizations on short deadlines. No programming required. You'll learn everything you need to build data visualizations and publish them to your website just like a video.

Andrew Cheung will teach you how to:

  • Connect to Excel files and other data
  • Create maps and charts
  • Make them interactive
  • Publish them on your site

No previous experience with Tableau is necessary to take this class.

Advanced design and interaction in Tableau Public
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Analyzing data and coming up interactive visualizations is easy in Tableau but sometimes getting everything looking polished isn’t. In this session you will learn how to break away from the default formatting in Tableau Public to create interactive data graphics that match your style guides and engage your readers.

Dash Davidson will teach you how to:

  • Change colors, shapes, borders, fonts, and other basic formatting
  • Incorporate images, logos, and other graphic elements
  • Take advantage of advanced interaction techniques to incorporate multimedia
  • Utilize design and layout best practices to make sure that your visualization looks polished and professional

Some familiarity with the product is recommended; a beginner session earlier in the day should prepare you enough for this session.

Intro to data stories in Tableau Public
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Got a dataset and an impending deadline to write a story on it? Find the scoop and convey it with beautiful, interactive visualizations in a serial narrative using Tableau Public. It’s a fast, easy to use, and free tool for journalists. Visualizations will publish using any CMS and no programming is required.

Ben Jones will teach you how to:

  • Connect to Excel files and other file types
  • Rapidly explore and analyze datasets with ease
  • Make eye-catching visualizations to share your findings
  • Add interactivity and arrange them in a serial narrative to engage and sustain your audience’s attention

No previous experience with Tableau is necessary to take this class.

(NEW) Data Discovery - Finding Stories in Data
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Learn how to use Tableau to dive deeper into your data and ask powerful questions. How do you go about finding stories in data? How do you find data to support your stories? To help answer these questions, we will embark upon a data discovery journey, teasing narrative stories out of data.

Jewel Loree will teach you how to:

  • Strategically approach large datasets/li>
  • Use Tableau to facilitate data discovery
  • Use data to support narrative stories
  • Basic narrative presentation elements

Some experience with Tableau Public is recommended. Taking one of the earlier Tableau sessions should suffice.

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