Informatica World Tour – Switzerland

This full day event is focused on helping derive greater value from your organisation’s data as we enter the Age of Engagement.

Great data is at the heart of stronger businesses. It’s no longer a by-product. Clean, safe and connected data is the lifeblood that runs processes, powers machines, enables sensors and customises user experiences.

The Age of Engagement is the catalyst for organisations to streamline processes through consolidated applications, build efficiencies through real-time collaboration and decision-making, and to improve customer relationships through data-enabled interactions and 24/7 support.

During this event industry experts will present Informatica’s vision for the Age of Engagement. Customers will share valuable insight into the challenges they overcame in their journeys to build smarter systems, more intuitive services and better products.

The agenda for this year´s event is now finalized and we are pleased to offer you a very interesting mix of expert lectures, customers speeches and business partner presentations*.

We´ve chosen the Sonnenberg Convention Centre as the venue for the event. It is the home of the FIFA-club and offers a unique atmosphere with a great view of Zürich and its lake. We look forward to welcoming you in Zürich.

Tableau will sponsor this event. Please visit us in the exhibition area.

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