Fanalytics is a gathering of Tableau Public authors (and those who want to find out more about what that means) for an afternoon of presentations and group viz building, followed by a meet-up to talk data over drinks. If you get that there's an incredible opportunity to apply your data skills to important (and fun) topics outside of the office, then Fanalytics is for you.

Fanalytics: Panel Presentations

4:00-4:15: Welcome and Introduction - Ben Jones, Tableau Software
4:15-4:30: A Basketball Fan from Across the Pond - Carl Allchin, The Information Lab
4:30-4:45: What Data Viz Teaches Us About Roadway Safety & Baby Poop - Troy Heerwagen, McKinstry
4:45-5:00: Connecting: Getting Personal with your Audience - Kyle Biehle, independent consultant

Fanalytics: Workshop and Contest
5:15-6:15: Hands-on with an exclusive music data set - work in small groups to create a compelling data story, present to the audience, and see who the panelists choose as the winning group!

Tableau for Teaching Meet-Up
6:15-7:15: Join your fellow "fanalysts" over small bites and drinks in the 2nd Floor North Galleria!

This is an exclusive event, please register early before space runs out!

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