Gartner Group predicts that organizations that deploy visual analytics will outperform their market peers by more than 20% in revenue, margins, penetration, and retention; How well positioned are you to create value for Comcast/NBC by being more data-driven?

On Wednesday, May 22nd at 1 pm ET, Tableau Software will be hosting an Analytics workshop webinar exclusively for Comcast/NBC. Attend the workshop, and you’ll have the opportunity to hear, see, engage, and walk away with ideas about how you can apply the following within your work group:

  • How to allow people viewing analyses on Tableau Server to change chart type within an analysis (e.g.: a bar chart to a pie chart?)
  • If analysis seems to be running slow, how to know if the problem is Tableau, the data source(s), or some other environmental issue?
  • How to create and/or interact with a wider variety of visualization types (e.g.: tree maps) in Tableau?
  • How to capitalize on the proliferation of data sources such as Google Analytics,, Google BigQuery and the like?

The workshop is free to attend but the number of lines available for the webinar are limited, so be sure to register early.

Please contact David McMullin with any questions.

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