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Looking for ideas on how to use Tableau across industries? Invite us to join your club. Become Tableau-Approved. Network with others.


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Connect with Tableau employees. Ask them about their experiences and what led them to a career in Tableau.


Meet like-minded individuals and learn together. Take what you learn and share it with others.


Find the best practices of creating dashboards, stories, and visualizations tailored to what interest you.

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Take what you learn and share it with others. There are more than 1.2 million terabytes of data online. The world runs on data. At Tableau, we help people see and understand data. So learn Tableau, and then run the world.
Get started with the Data analytics for university students guide. Click through the SlideShare to get inspired. Download your free student version of Tableau, and try it out for yourself.


Why become Tableau-Approved?


  • Companies are hiring new grads with data analytics skills
  • Linkedin found that among the skills companies need most is #1 Creativity and #3 Analytical Reasoning. Tableau will strengthen both!
  • Tableau is a data visualization tool that saw the third-largest surge in demand. Tableau lets you create advanced charts and graphs and requires no coding - Forbes on Data Culture



Term Requirements


  • Download a Tableau for Students free license
  • Create a Tableau Public club account to build online portfolio
  • Create a viz at the beginning and at the end of the club term
  • Upload a viz to TableauPublic using #TableauForClubs
  • Contribute to Generation Data where club members will submit one story per semester/per quarter detailing how you used Tableau and what you learned


Viz Games

Excite your club, improve skills, and boost engagement with a visualization showdown. We’ve taken our years of experience in running viz contests and packaged up our top tips just for you.

Start planning your viz games

Viz Design Workshop

Want to help your club take their dashboards to the next level? A Viz Design Workshop is a fun and interactive way for users to learn and apply visual analytics best practices.

Viz Design Workshop

Data is important in any industry. My club focuses on learning Tableau fundamentals so members are prepared for life outside of the classroom.

More Resources

Tableau Blueprint

Entering the workforce? Tableau Blueprint contains the best practices for building the capabilities you need to create a successful, data-driven organization. If you understand how enterprise software works, you can take your professional persona to the next level. Be a forward thinker.

Explore Data Culture

Visual Analysis Best Practices

Bringing your visualizations from “good” to “great” takes time, patience, attention to detail, and some basic knowledge of visual analysis best practices. Luckily, we have compiled an important list of techniques to get you started.

Visual Analysis Guidebook

Guide to Building an Effective Dashboard

A well-designed dashboard is a powerful launch point for data-driven conversations. Learn how to make an impression when applying for your first job.

Stand Out


Filter by "Academic" or find an industry that interests you. See how data comes into play with everything you do.

Título Duración
El enfoque de análisis empresarial moderno

Las fábricas de informes tradicionales se están volviendo obsoletas rápidamente. Las organizaciones empresariales están cambiando al análisis de autoservicio para buscar un enfoque de regulación...

50 minutos
Descubre Tableau

En Tableau, ayudamos a miles de personas y organizaciones a transformar la manera en la que usan los datos para resolver problemas de negocios. ¿Quieres saber cómo?

Participa en este...

38 minutos
Convierta los datos en ingresos con el análisis incorporado de Tableau

Monetice sus datos en la economía actual

Todos vemos los titulares. Conocemos el panorama económico que se avecina. Recortes presupuestarios y disminución de ganancias por todas partes....

19 minutos
Descubra el porqué de los KPI con el análisis aumentado

El análisis aumentado es una categoría de análisis basado en inteligencia artificial (IA) y aprendizaje automático (ML). Este amplía la capacidad de un ser humano para interactuar con los datos a...

30 minutos
  • Sector público
  • Gobierno
Análisis de la fuerza laboral: Tableau para RR. HH.

Fortalecer y capacitar a la fuerza laboral es una de las prioridades principales para las agencias gubernamentales. Sin embargo, los departamentos de Recursos humanos (RR. HH.) se enfrentan con...

56 minutos
August Test Webinar - ES


24 minutos
La inteligencia artificial es un deporte de equipo


En este seminario web, conocerá las impresiones de dos miembros del equipo de administración de productos de Tableau CRM: Bobby Brill, director sénior, y Avni Wadhwa, directora...

19 minutos
Diseñar proyectos de inteligencia artificial


En este seminario web, los expertos en inteligencia artificial de Tableau Richard Tibbetts y Sarah Wachter hablarán sobre los errores comunes al diseñar proyectos de...

25 minutos
Mantener el factor humano con la inteligencia artificial


Para descubrir qué es lo que están haciendo bien estas organizaciones, únase a la conversación con nuestro director de tecnología, Andrew Beers.

En este seminario web,...

23 minutos
My Tableau Story con Visionary Diego Martínez

La serie My Tableau Story muestra las experiencias cambiantes e inspiradoras de los líderes de la comunidad de Tableau. Personas como nosotros que quieren crecer e iniciar su viaje en los datos....

72 minutos

We offer free one-year Tableau licenses to students at accredited academic institutions through our Tableau for Students program. Receive access to our entire eLearning suite once verified.