MEDIA ALERT: SERUS Analytics to Provide Unprecedented Intelligence for External Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations

Fecha de publicación: 14 Enero, 2014 - 10:45

SERUS, a leader in extended supply chain management for high-tech companies, today announced the release of SERUS Analytics, an operations analytic solution to provide users with actionable insights about their external manufacturing operations. SERUS' customers will now be able to make faster and better decisions based on near "real time" insights derived from large volume of manufacturing and supply chain transactional data. The new capability announced today includes operations performance analytics, executive dashboards (both Web and Mobile) and predictive analytics.

From Big Data to actionable manufacturing intelligence

Leaders in Semiconductor, Network equipment, Storage and other high tech verticals today rely heavily on their manufacturing partners to manufacture, assemble and ship their products. Data residing with these partners is becoming increasingly critical to all aspects of business success including predictable product quality, delivery performance and for internal and regulatory compliance. SERUS' SaaS platform and solutions today collect, aggregate, and summarize millions of transactions a day from external manufacturing partners. The analytics capability announced today transforms this data into a full spectrum of analysis and data visualization for operational and financial guidance. Answers to critical strategic and operational questions can now be answered in minutes and hours versus days and weeks. These analytics will allow SERUS customers to further improve operational performance including lower inventory, faster introduction of new products, reduced manufacturing errors and lower excess and obsolescence (E&O) from product transitions.

Partnership with Tableau for Data Analytics

As part of today's announcement, the company also signed an OEM agreement with Tableau Software, to embed Tableau Desktop for its data analytics capabilities for all SERUS' solutions. "The ease of use of our new analytics tool will enable our customers to quickly spot the issues they need to see to improve their business," said Rohit Thukral, SERUS' Sr. Vice President of Products and Engineering. "After a thorough review of a list of potential partners, we selected Tableau Software because the elegance and ease of their data analytics will truly empower businesses."

"We are delighted to partner with SERUS and bring our data analytics software to SERUS' already rich data sets," said Dan Jewett, Vice President of Product Management, Tableau Software. "Working with deep data sets in complex industries is where Tableau really shines by helping to bring fast decision making capabilities to anyone."


SERUS is leading today's high-tech companies to superior performance with precision multi-tiered supply chain management and execution. By orchestrating data and decision making from engineering and operations to finance and procurement, SERUS informs companies in near real-time when disruptive changes occur that will impact output, inventory, costs and ultimately customer satisfaction. From a spike in demand to engineering change propagation or a supplier interruption, SERUS monitors all supply chain progress on a granular level, enabling partners to discover detailed causes and make recommendations for solving problems. SERUS customers are able to adapt on the fly and therefore deliver better outcomes through improved managerial judgment and collaborative performance between all parties. For high-tech companies whose survival depends on complex and outsourced supply chains, SERUS' cloud-based monitoring and adept analysis is the standard bearer. Customers like AMD, Oracle, Juniper, Flextronics, NVIDIA Cypress, Qualcomm/Atheros and IDT have benefitted from enhancements, such as 8-15% reduction in inventory, 10-20% reduction in excess and obsolescence charges and 8-15% increase in operational productivity thanks to SERUS' supply chain orchestration. Learn more at