Bytes partners with Tableau Software to simplify business analytics

Fecha de publicación: 2 Julio, 2012 - 09:15

Bytes Systems Integration, part of the Bytes Technology Group, has partnered with Tableau Software, ranked by Gartner and IDC in 2011 as the world's fastest growing business intelligence company.

The partnership is in line with Bytes Systems Integration's strategy to offer tier one solutions to customers, and will enable users to quickly analyse, visualise and share information.

“Quite simply, Tableau Software helps people see and understand data,” says Hendrik Blignaut, Enterprise Intelligence Systems manager at Bytes Systems Integration. “Companies that follow the traditional business intelligence route can take months to see results. With Tableau, the results and benefits are immediate. Few competitive products can offer that.”

A global study by Forrester shows that Tableau provides more than 100% ROI in just over one year, with other benefits including increased adoption of BI. Importantly, Tableau streamlines the report publishing process, improves productivity of business intelligence analysts, and reduces report creation times, significantly improving productivity and processes.

“Unlike the large, expensive BI giants, Tableau offers a more agile, affordable option, which provides customers with a lot of the same benefits,” says Blignaut. “The tools can be deployed without a large IT department and individuals can download the software themselves, making it easy for companies of all sizes that need to see and understand their data.”

Benefits to customers can be summarised as follows:

* Increased user adoption of business intelligence
* Standardised reports
* Reduced report creation times
* Reduced report distribution, storage and duplication costs and simplified publishing of reports
* Freeing up of BI analysts to perform higher-value tasks
* Process improvements from use of visualisation in root cause analysis
* No incremental effort to distribute reports to more users, resulting in greater user involvement
* Stronger alignment between data preparers and consumers