Please welcome the 2020 Tableau Ambassadors!

Tableau Ambassadors are evangelists of our brand, our products, and our community. The mission of the Ambassador program is to recognize members of the community who connect, collaborate, and share with other people because they recognize the value of helping people see and understand their data.

After reviewing over 2,000 nominations and applications from our incredible community —which was a 168% increase over last year, we are both honored and delighted to announce new inductees into the Tableau Ambassador program!

With your help, we have selected a group of leaders—diverse in industry, background, and expertise—and have asked them to serve a one-year term (with the option for more). Over the next year, the 2020 ambassadors will be empowered with resources and direct access to our teams to help create, reimagine, or refine community programs and initiatives. The Tableau Ambassadors will receive our support to amplify their impact and keep the “pay it forward” spirit of the Tableau community alive. In return, we will provide fun perks, a complimentary license to Tableau Software, access to teams across Tableau like the development, eLearning, and marketing teams, and exclusive swag just for ambassadors.

Learn more about the regional breakdown of the 2020 Tableau Ambassadors here:

Since 2015, the program has been shaped by all of the ambassadors who have dedicated their time, energy, and knowledge to improving and expanding the program year after year. And 2020 is no different! We’ve seen record interest and growth with this year’s group:

  • The 2020 Ambassador group has increased in size by 62.5% from 2019, going from 104 members to 169.
  • The total recorded applications/nominations started in 2019 was 1522. In 2020, we saw 3300, which is a 116.82% YOY increase.
  • Not all applications are complete and able to be considered, so I looked at total unique candidates and found that in 2019, there were 410 unique candidates, compared to 1037 in 2020. This is a 152.93% increase.

Get to know the 2020 Tableau Ambassadors

Forum Ambassadors are the stewards of the health of the forums, answering questions. moderating content, and providing feedback on the platform.

User Group Ambassadors lead by example, sharing resources and best practices from their years of experience. They mentor the next generation of data storytellers and leaders.

Tableau Public Ambassadors design beautiful vizzes, telling stories through data while inspiring others. They support our programs and have created unique community programs to help others grow their own skills.

Social Media Ambassadors go above and beyond to drive thought-provoking conversations about data in social media. They champion others and welcome all people to the #DataFam.

Student Ambassadors are Tableau champions in higher education, empowering, and inspiring others to acquire fundamental skills. These skills improve employability and lead to people gaining credentials that will help them now and in the future.

(New this year!) DataDev Ambassadors use Tableau APIs to build and innovate on the developer platform and want to share their technical knowledge and creativity to inspire others.

Please join us in welcoming the 2020 Tableau Ambassadors! We can’t wait to see this group collaborate, contribute, and engage with people to make the community a better place. We encourage you to learn more about all the ambassadors on our website and follow them on Twitter. Maybe we’ll be welcoming you as an ambassador in 2021.

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