Celebrating that Certifiably Tableau feeling

Happy Certifiably Tableau Day! Today we’re sharing a little extra love and energy to celebrate those who have achieved a Tableau certification.

Reaching the top of a metaphorical mountain can elicit feelings of accomplishment or joy. You’ve pushed through feelings of doubt and uncertainty—do you know Tableau as well as you thought? Then finally, you can raise your hands to shout you’re Certifiably Tableau!

But passing an exam cannot be that exciting, you say? Some beg to differ.

Hearing how these emotions of pride and validation have taken different shapes to certified users demonstrates the diversity and commitment of the Tableau Community.

Some compare the feeling of getting certified to watching a favorite sports team triumph over their arch rival. Anil Pandita (Desktop Certified Associate & Desktop Certified Professional) remembers a particular 2009 Premier League match resulting in his team’s victory to finding out he passed his exam: “I recall that same moment of joy and excitement when I saw an email from Loyalist saying Congratulations for being a Tableau Certified Professional.”

The feeling can also manifest itself when others take the time to celebrate your accomplishments. Shiva Ram Chennapragada (Desktop Certified Associate) recalls a moment after becoming certified where the CEO at his company approached him and congratulated him for his hard work. Ritesh Bisht (Desktop Certified Associate) had another Tableau user dedicate his certification to him because of posts on LinkedIn about certification.

Becoming Certifiably Tableau can be a stepping stone in your work as well. It gave Virgina Moench (Desktop Certified Associate) the confidence to land her dream job using Tableau—which she starts in a few weeks! Vikram Gokhale (Desktop Specialist & Desktop Certified Associate) had the same kind of feeling: “I was glad about my certification the day I was selected for a substantially high-paying gig just due to my certifications.” Putting your certification titles and badges on your social profiles and digital resumes allows your skillset to speak for itself.

Becoming Certifiably Tableau is a verification of your skills that comes with permission to pause and reflect on your accomplishment. However, and whenever that feeling comes—we’re celebrating with you!

Recognizing the faces of #CertifiablyTableau

Help us celebrate you:

  • Follow #CertifiablyTableau and don’t forget to use it on your own posts.
  • Post a photo of you—in your Certifiably Tableau t-shirt, with this printable thought bubble, or show us where you placed your badge sticker.
  • Share your digital badge link.
  • Share why you decided to get certified with #CertifiablyTableau.

And help us celebrate someone else! Nominate a colleague, friend, or family member to be recognized as our Certifiably Tableau Person of the Month.

Today only—save on becoming #CertifiablyTableau!

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