Part of Tableau's mission is to let people connect to their data wherever it is, without necessarily having to load it into a central data warehouse. This is increasingly important as data sources continue to diversify in shape and structure.

As part of the 8.2.3 release which happened Monday night, we're excited to make available via beta a new direct connector: Amazon Web Services Elastic MapReduce (EMR).

A screenshot of the connection dialogue in Tableau Desktop

Amazon EMR makes it easy to quickly process massive amounts of data while only spinning up and paying for the resources you need in the cloud. EMR uses the Apache Hadoop framework to distribute data processing across a resizable Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) cluster. The end result is the power to deal with tremendous amounts of un-structured data without having to sacrifice time or resources to buy servers and hire specialists. This is even more attractive if you're already housing your data in Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) which EMR can already natively access. With the new AWS Elastic MapReduce connector in Tableau, you can connect directly to your data in the cloud in the simple and straightforward way customers already access other data sources.

Read: You can learn more about starting an Amazon EMR Cluster and how to point Tableau at it in this fantastic blog post on the AWS Big Data Blog.

Register: Join us for an in-depth webinar with both Tableau and Amazon Web Services presenting on the new EMR connector as well as how it works with in conjunction with larger AWS platform.

Join the beta: In order to use Tableau directly against Amazon EMR you'll need to be part of the beta program. If you're interested in joining, please send us an email.

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