Using Analytics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

This week, we launched a new pharmaceutical solutions page to show off some of Tableau's use cases for pharmaceutical analytics, pharmaceutical sales and physician marketing.

The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing rapid change. Some of the most innovative, forward-thinking pharmaceutical companies in the world are using Tableau for pharmaceutical analytics, streamlining how they research, market and sell promising drugs. They're also using Tableau to monitor and improve health outcomes for their patients. We're big fans of the power of data here at Tableau, and there's something special about seeing it applied in ways that improve treatment options for patients worldwide.

The new solutions page includes demonstrations of how customers use Tableau to:

  • Monitor results of a high-throughput screening assay for drug discovery
  • Allocate budget and resources to existing and emerging pharma markets
  • Optimize physician marketing strategies and physician education outcomes
  • Understand global pharma trends and identify emerging pharmaceutical markets

Physician marketing pharmaceutical analytics

Explore the new pharmaceutical solutions page, and drop us a line to tell us about the innovative ways your pharmaceutical company is using Tableau.

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