We recently launched our new Classroom Training program and have just added six new locations. These in-person classes are a great way to get focused, hands-on training with our Tableau experts and take your Tableau skills to the next level. We are currently offering two courses Tableau Fundamentals and Tableau Advanced.

Tableau Fundamentals is designed for anyone who works with data – no technical or analytical expertise required. If you are new to Tableau or just want a solid understanding of the fundamental skills required to build Tableau worksheets and dashboards, this is the course for you.

The Tableau Advanced course is designed for the professional who has solid working experience with Tableau and wants to take it to the next level. You'll move from building basic Tableau workbooks and visualizations to becoming a Tableau master.

Each course is $1,390 and includes 2 full days of hands-on training. Tableau provides the laptops, software (of course), food, beverages and a USB drive with all course materials.

Classes will be held in different cities each month. Join us for one of our upcoming courses.

Tableau Fundamentals
Seattle - March 14-15, 2011
Nashville - April 11-12, 2011
San Francisco - April 26-27, 2011
Dallas - May 17-18, 2011
Atlanta - May 31-June1, 2011
Washington, D.C. - June 13-14, 2011

Tableau Advanced
Seattle - March 16-17, 2011
Nashville - April 13-14, 2011
San Francisco - April 28-29, 2011
Dallas - May 19-20, 2011
Atlanta - June 2-3, 2011
Washington, D.C. - June 15-16, 2011

Don’t miss out, class size is limited and seats are filling up quickly!

También podría interesarle...


Dang, I would love to attend but the weekday thing is a deal breaker!

London calling.... Ninja's & Jedi's required.

We will be coming to London. Dates will be confirmed sometime in the next month.

I'm glad you are doing this....how about somewhere in New England though ? Boston, or even New York?

We will be coming to Boston this summer, looking like sometime in July. We will have those dates posted sometime in the next month.

Will Miami, or S. Fl., be an option soon? Atlanta is still a 11 hour drive.

Tableau has never held an in event in South Florida. It's a shame.

Currently Florida is not on the schedule for this year.

Glad to see that you are offering class room type training. Hope to see another advanced class scheduled in Seattle!

What about New York?

Will you have any classes in Silcon Valley (San Jose area)? SF is too far for some of use to drive to.

Are you considering visitng other cities for the remainder of 2011? Preferably Rochester or Buffalo?

Miami please

I currently hold Tableau Certified Professional certification. By attending this course will I have the opportunity to get my Tableau Certified Consultant certification?

Is Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, or Chicago or somewhere else in the Midwest on the calendar for this year?

We will be in Chicago sometime before fall.

Our education partner Stephen McDaniel will be teaching his Tableau courses in Philadelphia, April 12-15 and Chicago, June 21-24. You can find more information about these courses at http://www.freakalytics.com/training-freak/

No offense, but Nashville over NYC. Seriously? Anyone consider the strategic locations of these training events?

can you offer more classes in Seattle/Eastside (preferred)? Looks like I've just missed my opportunity to take the fundamentals class. thanks.

We will hold classes in our Seattle office at least once a quarter.

Hi Jennifer I have been asked whether these trainings include Certification. The request is from a UK based user. Thanks Jacqui

Our training courses currently do not include certification. We are revamping our certification program and should have more details the second half of the year.

I am in southeastern Michigan and would sure appreciate an opportunity for training closer to home.

What about training classes in the Minneapolis, or St. Paul MN area?

We have approval to register for the training but we regularly attend the Tableau user conference in Seattle and were wondering how this training differs from what we see / learn at the conference. Thanks in advance!

What are the pre-requisites for the Tableau Advanced course?

Any plans for Miami?

Considerations are being made for a class in Florida, although it most likely will not happen until the second half of the year.

Great ( wrt the South Florida consideration ). Thanks Jennifer. Hope to see you down here soon

What about Africa guys.???

Looking forward to a class in South Florida! Hopefully, it's an Advanced course :-)

Hi, does workshop include single user desktop software (permanent license)?

We will be offering public training in Miami/Ft Lauderdale this July and many other cities through the end of the year. http://Freakalytics.com/t

Chicago, Illinois, June 21st-24th, 2011
Ft. Lauderdale (Miami), Florida, July 19th-22nd, 2011
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, September 13th-16th, 2011
Seattle, Washington, September 27th-30th, 2011
Washington, DC, October 25th-28th, 2011
Houston, TX, November 8th-11th, 2011

Coming back to San Francisco again? I missed the one in April :(

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