Video Performance and Measurement

The Tableau Public website prominently displays a video on the home page. The video is not only the primary design element but it also tells a good portion of the Tableau Public story.

Tableau Public

The design left us with many questions about how the video would perform. Would people play it? How long would they watch?

The good news is our video platform Twistage not only guarantees smooth and branded delivery, but also provides easy access to the data we need to analyze our video performance questions.

In the charts below, you can see that on average 25% of Tableau Public’s visitors push the video’s play button. About 50% of viewers watch at least 50% of the video. This 50/50 rule we’ve found to be pretty consistent across all our well produced, shorter videos.

Needless to say, our marketing and training departments rely heavily on video to deliver content. And we’re always looking for better ways to develop and measure videos. What has been your experience with videos on your site?

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