Travel Trends: Thanksgiving Fares Steadily Increasing

Tuesday the 27th marked the first update of our Travel Trends site. With fresh data from QL2, we can begin to notice price trends in purchase date as well as flying dates. As the countdown to Thanksgiving continues, it will be fascinating to see if prices continue their upward trend or if last minute shoppers will have the last laugh.

Use this guide to find the best fare, compare to the price you already paid, or lament on waiting until this week to purchase.

Only a week has passed since we first posted this data, but this updated visualization shows a striking difference in fares. The major trends remain: try to avoid major markets and flights on Wednesday and Sunday. However, these trends are manifesting themselves at much higher prices. If you waited to purchase a fare from Newark to San Francisco, you will likely pay $200 dollars more, especially if you cannot avoid flying on the 25th or 29th.

As always, the flexible traveler will prevail! Compare last weeks Travel Trends data to examine changes.

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