Live 6 Education Webinars that Show It All

As natural as 6 should be, we know that it doesn’t always come easily. And there might be a technique you never knew existed that could change your outlook on 6 completely. That’s why we’ve set up 2 live web seminars to show you the #joyof6 first hand. We’ve got 1 scheduled this Friday and 1 next Friday, both at 2pm Eastern. Check back here because we may add more to satisfy demand.

@tableau When will you be doing one of those weekly trainings just on 6.0? #joyof6less than a minute ago via web

And of course, there are always Tableau’s regular series of Live Trainings where we'll be talking up 6.

If need your fix now, we also provide On-Demand Trainings. There are enough to last you all day and all night.

You can also get dazzled by our series of quick videos – Amazing Things.

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