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Modern Vaccine Management

Learn how Tableau can help you visualize essential insights and build a modern vaccine management response powered by data.

Visit the Covid-19 Data Hub to access up-to-date resources, including datasets and starter workbooks to create your own analyses.

Government agencies, healthcare and life sciences organizations need powerful visual analytics to manage vaccine distribution, uptake, and more. The urgency to roll-out vaccination programs efficiently and quickly is acute. The Tableau platform makes it possible to empower your teams to harness your data, and find the insights that are necessary to manage the challenges ahead.


Visualize Health 2021

Join us for Visualize Health, a live virtual event. Learn how healthcare and life sciences leaders across the industry are using data to drive innovation and digital transformation. Explore product demos, partner solutions, and networking opportunities and see how your organization can leverage data in today’s complex and evolving healthcare environment.

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Modern Vaccine Management: What Leaders Need to Know

Data-driven visual analytics are foundational for any organization tasked with managing one of the largest mass vaccination campaigns in history. In this white paper, you will see real-world solutions and find out how lessons learned today can help inform data strategy through the current pandemic and beyond.

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On-demand thought leadership


Analytics for Vaccine Management

Join Tableau’s Anthony Young and Graham Stroman as they share dashboard demos and discuss how to track data related to vaccine performance, facility readiness, inventory and patient prioritization and more - so that public and private organizations can effectively use data analytics to achieve success.

Modern Vaccine Management Powered by Data

Join industry experts as they share dashboard demo prototypes for managing each step of the vaccine management distribution and supply chain process, such as facility readiness, supply chain inventory and distribution, patient prioritization, and analyzing adverse patient reactions.

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Indiana COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard provides at-a-glance insights

The Indiana COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard features data detailing the state’s vaccination efforts, including first and second doses, county-level distribution, as well as providing aggregate demographic details of vaccine recipients. Originally published December 29, the dashboard has seen more than 460k views to date.

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Get started with Partner Solutions

Tableau partners have created a variety of dashboard templates so you can quickly jump into analysis solve your toughest challenges. Dive into industry and department-specific solutions, addressing everything from human resources, to retail, to credit risk.

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COVID-19 Impact: 10 Healthcare and Life Sciences Innovations

The pandemic has underscored the importance of data-driven decision making. Find out how leading healthcare and life sciences organizations, public agencies, and others are using visual analytics to enhance time-to-insight, manage critical resources, and improve patient care.

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Playbook Image

Build the data culture you need to succeed with analytics

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that the most resilient organizations are data-driven. But to build a data-first mindset in your organization, you need a roadmap. The Data Culture Playbook is a resource for executives and data leaders who want to empower every individual within their organizations to use data to gain critical insights and tackle every business challenge.

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