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Data visualisation is the graphical representation of information and data. With visual elements like charts, graphs and maps, data visualisation tools provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers and patterns in data.

In the world of big data, data visualisation tools and technologies are essential for analysing massive amounts of information and making data-driven decisions. Our culture is visual, including everything from art and advertisements to TV and films, and our eyes are drawn to colours and patterns. Our interaction with data should reflect this reality.

Make your data better

This visualisation shows San Francisco Airbnb listings data on a map. Because all of the listings are the same size and colour, even with filters, it’s hard to differentiate the value between the listings at a glance.

Take your viz from good to great with just a few tweaks.

Explore your data with a purpose

Data visualisation is a form of visual art that grabs our interest and keeps our eyes on the message. When we see a chart, we quickly see trends and outliers.


If we can see something, we internalise it quickly. If you’ve ever stared at a massive spreadsheet of data and couldn’t see a trend, you know how much more effective a visualisation can be.

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Tableau is one of the best tools out there for creating really powerful and insightful visuals. We’re using it for analytics that require great data visuals to help us tell the stories we’re trying to tell to our executive management team.

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Connect and visualise your data in minutes. Tableau is ten to one hundred times faster than existing solutions.

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Anyone can analyse data with intuitive drag-&-drop products. No programming, just insight.

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From spreadsheets to databases to Hadoop to cloud services, explore any data.

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Combine multiple views of data to get richer insight. Best practices of data visualisation are baked right in.

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Get the freshest data with a live connection to your data or get automatic updates on a schedule you define.

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Publish a dashboard with a few clicks to share it live on the web and on mobile

About Tableau

Tableau helps people transform data into actionable insights. Explore with limitless visual analytics. Build dashboards and perform ad hoc analyses in just a few clicks. Share your work with anyone and make an impact on your business. From global enterprises to early-stage startups and small businesses, people everywhere use Tableau to see and understand their data.

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