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Tableau Server 9.3.9

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 9.3.24, which contains additional fixes.

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Tue, 15 November, 2016

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Some mark labels in map views would not display depending on the dimensions of your browser window.


When connected to SAP HANA, data ending in an escaped character could not be filtered correctly.


New line and carriage return characters in SAP HANA data would cause errant queries to be generated, which resulted in non-functioning filters and other unexpected behavior.


When subscribing to a view in Tableau Server, and editing the subject line field using an Asian language IME, hitting the Enter/Return key would prematurely save the subscription instead of finalizing the input string.


In some cases involving workbooks published with multiple sheets shown as tabs, when you downloaded a workbook from Tableau Server as a PDF, some sheets would not be completely rendered in the PDF document.


Sending a blank 'Update Data Source Connections' REST API call did not return current data source values, which was possible in earlier versions of Tableau Server.


In cases where a dimension member and an aggregation (e.g. CNTD) of the dimension have the same value, and the dimension member is aliased, tooltips in Tableau Server would display the alias name where the aggregation value was expected.


Loading some complex workbooks, with many dashboards and data sources, was significantly slower after upgrading to Tableau Server 9.3.


In some published workbooks, hovering over a mark and clicking the link in the resulting tooltip to run an action did not actually run the action.

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