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Tableau Server 9.0.6

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 9.0.25, which contains additional fixes.

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Mon, 21 September, 2015

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

It is possible to use a backup from a single server installation to restore a multi-node installation.


Background extract refreshes did not appear in Admin view if they took too long to complete.


Clicking a hyperlink located in a project's Description field opened its target in a new tab, rather than the same tab.


Running a tabadmin export batch file caused intermittent "502 Bad Gateway" errors.


In a workbook published with "Show sheets as tabs", the following error sometime occurred when running an action: "Unable to get property 'toString' of undefined or null reference".


Attempting to import Active Directory groups for a single-label domain name resulted in an error.


Some administrative commands were not logged in the internal Postgres database.


When Tableau Server was configured for Active Directory user authentication, a user couldn't sign in to Tableau Server via a web browser or Tableau Desktop if their password contained a character from the Extended ASCII character set.


On dashboards that included a parameter-driven view, sometimes changing the parameter made the view go blank.


When Tableau Server was configured to use a reverse proxy server on port 443 (SSL), the main page didn't load when you signed in to Tableau Server, because the request was an HTTP request, not an HTTPS request.


On startup, Tableau Server was modifying Windows firewall rules, and there was no option to prevent it.


Custom admin views that used the 'session_id' field in the 'http_requests' table did not populate correctly.


Using a password with special characters for Tableau Server or for a data source caused browser errors or repeated authentication prompts.


On Tableau Server, viewing a dashboard with multiple sheets that referenced the same Excel file sometimes caused a memory spike, resulting in a long delay and/or error message.


Using custom view events through the JavaScript API failed to work as intended.


Changes to user permissions sometimes didn't take effect, even after logging out and then logging back in.


Loading views in Tableau Server intermittently caused "session ended by server" errors.


Transparency settings were not applied to custom shapes in published workbooks.


Using Google Chrome version 45 sometimes resulted in errors when opening views.


When running a multi-user command in tabcmd, an error occurred if the CSV file was UTF-8 encoded.


On syncing with Active Directory, user display names did not update correctly.


Sometimes when dashboards that had both Presentation Mode and "Show sheets as tabs" enabled published to Tableau Server, they were incorrectly aligned.


Shapes in a published view didn't render correctly in Internet Explorer 9 or 10 until the shape legend or a mark was clicked.


With the Grammarly extension for Google Chrome installed, loading a view in Tableau Server caused multiple uncaught type errors.


Attempting to republish a workbook under the same name sometimes resulted in the error: "Unable to Get Default Permissions for Publishing".

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