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Tableau Server 9.0.11

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 9.0.25, which contains additional fixes.

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Wed, 27 January, 2016

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Exporting a Tableau Server site using the "tabadmin exportsite" command sometimes resulted in a "commit failed" error.


In Tableau Server, the command "tabcmd echo %ERRORLEVEL%" returned the exit code "0" for failed operations instead of a non-zero value.


In Tableau Server, a change to the Active Directory user binding (from samAccountName to UPN) caused existing users to be removed from groups and new users to be added based on UPN when synchronizing Active Directory groups. This resulted in duplicate users and/or users not being able to sign into Tableau Server.


In Tableau Server, clicking "Done" in web authoring resulted in an error message instead of redirecting back to the Views page.


In Tableau Server, embedded views didn't load if the view belonged to a site name containing only numbers.


In Tableau Server, extract files were sometimes missing after restoring a backup.


In Tableau Server, workbooks using published blended data sources sometimes did not load.


In Tableau Server, it was possible to inadvertently add a user account twice via the REST API.

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